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Objectives of the journal

The articles submitted to "The African Journal of Dentistry and Implantology" should have a clinical purpose and be based on the current data of science and dental techniques. Articles that are published are synthetics reviews, clinical research works, clinical cases with the reasoned presentations and technical articles.

Acceptability of the articles

The original manuscripts are sent to the journal (articles that have not been addressed in parallel with another journal or have not been accepted for publication by another title). All articles are subject to two referrals from peer double anonymity. This ensures our readers the scientific and editorial quality of the work published by the African Journal of Dentistry and Implantology.

Manuscripts must be submitted in French and English.

Submission of Manuscripts

The iconography:

There must be a reasonable number (about 20 color illustrations) of documents (radios, photos). The quality of the documents must have a high definition reproduction. All documents must be numbered and indexed in the article. The images should be :

Bibliographic References

The bibliography should be presented, numbered in order of presentation in the indexed text (by number) in the article. It is reasonable to have about 20 references written by international standards as follows :

What You Should Know

As soon as an article is sent to the Reading Committee, the authors transfer their copyright to the African Journal of Dentistry and Implantology , but retain the right to use their documents for either courses/classes or personal reproduction provided that the copies are never up for sale.

The articles published engage the responsibility of the authors exclusively. Literary property reverts to the editor, which may allow the total or partial reproduction of published works on any media.