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Dr Abdellah Squalli

The African Society of Dentistry and Implantology (ASDI) is a scientific society whose objectives are the development and the promotion of dentistry in general, periodontology and oral implantology in particular and this across the African continent.

Each and every day, African dentists realize incredible scientific and clinical work whether it be at the level of university structures, in scientific associations or within the offices of private clinics.

The ASDI would like to offer to its competencies different platforms where they can express themselves and share their expertise and know-how. We also want these abilities, that are our pride, to be recognized and valued.

The first realization of the ASDI is the publication of the African Journal of Dentistry and Implantology (AJDI). It is the first scientific magazine of dentistry with continental broadcast, which also respects international standards in terms of quality of the container as well as its content.

The scientific committee and editorial board also hope that through this realization, we will respond to your needs in your training and exercise as well as in medical and scientific information. We remain of course open to all suggestions and propositions in order to enhance this remarkable tool of exchange and information that we consider to be yours as well.

The African Society of Dentistry and Implantology is an associate member of the Conference of Deans of Dental School of Africa (CDDSA) and the AJDI is the media and scientific support of these African dental schools, which amount to about forty dental schools in about twenty African countries.

My thanks, acknowledgements and deepest gratitude go to the authors of the AJDI, to the members of the scientific committee, to our advisors, to our partners and to the entire AJDI team— not to forget of course our sponsors who trust us. Finally, I would like to thank the Deans of dental schools of Africa that are members of the CDDSA for their encouragement, their help and their support.