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Dr Youssef Chaoui

The creation of the African Society of Dentistry and Implantology (ASDI) and its different scientific platforms found its origin in the love that we have for our homelands, for our continent , for our profession " dentistry ", for science and for scientific research.

The African Journal of Dentistry and Implantology ( AJDI ) is a great tool for the exchange of medical and scientific expertise among African dentists and between the dental schools of Africa.

The indexation process of the AJDI was recently initiated with the support and backing of the members of the Conference of Deans of Dental School of Africa in order to increase the visibility of our scientific journal and raise its impact factor.

We also count on your support dear friends and colleagues by subscribing in large numbers to your AJDI Journal. This will ensure us financial independence and a continuity in time.

The African Congress of Dentistry and Implantology (ACDI) , the African Dental Expo (ADE) , The AJDI Discussions of Dentistry, the African Institute of Medical Research, the AJDI Trophies are various other platforms the African Society of Dentistry and Implantology has put at your disposition in the service of the development of dentistry and oral health in our beautiful continent of Africa.

We take advantage of the launching of our website to pay tribute to all our partners, to our associates and contributors, and also to all our sponsors who from the beginning of this adventure have trusted us, which we are very honored and proud of.

So dear friends, please come all together and join the big family of the African Society of Dentistry and Implantology by subscribing to the AJDI.